Welcome! Introductory Information: PLEASE READ

Dear students, 

Welcome to ENGL 211! Please read the information below to determine if this section of ENGL 211 Is the right fit for your interests:

This course is a HORROR-themed version of ENGL 211. As mentioned in my emails sent to you, we will read short stories of the gothic/horror/speculative fiction genres, watch horror movies (most Rated-R), and read criticism on the genre of horror films. Please be aware of this content, and if this content makes you anxious or uncomfortable, please drop this class. You can take ENGL 211 in another semester or with another faculty member. Please ask me any questions if you have concerns. You can email me at lori.ungemah@guttman.cuny.edu or text me at 732-708-2984 if you have questions. We will review this thoroughly the first day of class as well.  

Many students have started this class with some trepidation as they did not like or even think or the genre of horror before this course, but they concluded the class as horror fans. I look forward to a semester of exploring the role of horror in our lives together. 

My best,

Professor Lori Ungemah